How Can USB Connected Network Wi-Fi Adapter Work on Full Potential?


Limp Gawd
Oct 22, 2011

I have USB 2.0 network Wi-Fi 802.11n 300Mbps dongle that has maximum speed of 50Mbps.
I saw the following USB 3.0 Wi-Fi 802.11ac 1200Mbps adapter:


What I wondering about is how can this adapter achieve x4 bandwidth compared to 300Mbps still through 5v 500mAh USB port.
Obviously I will get 300Mbps but at least this time it will be expected 300Mbps and not 50Mbps that I get with dongle.
A few things:
The USB3.0 spec, according to this page. Says it's throughput is 4 Gbps accounting for overhead and that real world is 3.2Gbps should be possible.

So theoretically it should be possible. This device would need to be in a USB3 port to achieve that though.

The second thing is... companies lie. Especially those that have a large presence, that you only heard of because they came up in a product search. You can be certain there are fibs if you see other products with the same look and media but different brand names.
Generally, any usb 3.0 adapter will perform better than a usb 2.0 if the port is actually what is slowing down the performance. The best way to check this is connect the system wired and see what it maxes out at. If it's still 50Mbs, it's a limitation on the system, not the nic. (I have some older systems that do this.)