How can I test if my gpu is working perfectly? (rtx 2080 ideally)

Nov 4, 2018
Is it possible to check the operation of a gpu by 100%? What kind of tests should be done to ensure that a gpu (New) is working correctly?
Only stress test? I ask mainly for a new RTX 2080
Yeah, you'll just have to play games to see. When I was having problems with this 2080 Ti, I tried many benchmarks and often they would work but then I got crashes in games.

It may be good to download Unigine Superposition and set it on stress test mode for like 1 hour or 2. That will give you some idea.

I know people don't like Furmark, but I find it an easy way to test thermals and if the card is stable (only run it for a few minutes though).
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Playing specific games isn't really a sure way to tell. As some games put different demands on gpus than others. Meaning you can play hours on end with one game and experience no problems while another will have problems. Stress tests are a much better, surer, and quicker way to determine if a gpu is wonky. If it doesn't glitch in furmark then it is likely fine. You don't even have to run it that long, I've never seen a faulty card survive more than a minute.
I do both games and benchmarks. Benchmarks can tell you if the performance is within spec, playing the games is akin to quality control where artifacts will stand out more as they detract the experience.

With the [h] reviews and previews, you can see where your system lines up fairly quickly.