How can I prevent my PC from hanging when dealing with a scracthed bluray?


Jan 27, 2015
Hi everybody,

I have been trying to play a couple of mildly scratched Bluray discs on my pc's bluray drive and power dvd 15. When the computer tries to read the scratched sectors, it chokes, sputters, and ultimately hangs indefinitely, forcing me to hit ctrl alt delete. The same thing happens with a small htpc I built a month ago with its own bluray drive and powerdvd 13.

Both pcs are perfectly capable of playing blurays... they play my mint condition discs without a hitch. The ODDs are good quality Pioneer drives, which have been able to smoothly play some problematic discs that drives from other brands play choppily.

I tried the scratched discs in a PS3 and it plays them without a problem. Again, the scratches are not even that deep.

Are PC bluray drives weak against scratches? Is there anything I can do so that if the drive finds a scratched sector, it at least doesn't hang?
I had the same problem with PowerDVD. Blu Rays from Netflix would regularly fail to play if they were scratched.

My Xbox One does quite a bit better, which leads me to believe that the problem is probably more a function of Cyberlink being shitty in general than it is to Blu Ray drives or playing Blu Ray on Windows in general.

My suggestion is to try a different player. I think there's one called AnyDVD or something like that that can also play Blu Ray.
I rip all my blu rays into ISOs with Anydvd.

AnyDVD is NOT a player. It is only a way to rip a DVD and Blu Ray with removing the copy protection on it.

You still need something PowerDVD or WinDVD to play it. Or you can use something MakeMKV that will rip it and convert to an MP4.