hl2 cmstAcker wind0w


Limp Gawd
Aug 1, 2004
Ill be pretty much replacing the stock mesh grill side with a plexy hl2 logo.

started by taking off the grill, luckily there is not too much actual case cutting be done. ill just use the stock hole and there are already nuts mounded in the panel so ill just bolt it to those.


ill be making it all out of plexi, next i measured out and got a guide drawn on the glass.


sorry about the pics...

ready to start cutting the main piece

heres the basic shape, sanded down the edges and the surface so the paint will stick.

traced the 2 on there

and there it is cut out, didnt get it sanded down or the corners done yet

heres what it will look like on the case, imagine it orange

traced out the hl symbol for the middle

started cutting it, not done yet

going to a movie ill do some more and post when i get back...
omg, ITS A COOLER MASTER STACKER.:rolleyes: He said in the thread title. Looks great! :D
elite.mafia said:
omg, ITS A COOLER MASTER STACKER.:rolleyes: He said in the thread title. Looks great! :D

ADD knows no concentration. :p Reason I asked was
1) I was stupid and didnt examine the title hard enough, and
2) It looked just like the one on the MGE Quantum (which turned out to be a big letdown)

Keep up the nice work. I'll keep my eye on this thread.
finished cutting out and sanding the hl mark, should start painting soon

wow those cuts are clean. cant wait till the finished thing. are you using transparent paint for the orange?
no, im going to paint those peices solid orange. also im painting behind the 2 white, then there will be a clear peice of glass behind it. im still debating if i should etch something on the back peice of glass or not.
Just paint it with some translucent UV paint and get some high powered orange cathodes.
ya, it will take paint real good if you lightly sand it with a 400 grit just to give it some texture for the paint to stick to.
Lookin' smoooooth. Real professional looking. What's with the candles though? Surely a modder can afford electricity!
Thats a nice case, and an even nicer mod. It's simple, tasteful, and well done. It's really nice dude, you're doing a great job on that stacker.
thanks, and about the candle, you can see how dark it is in my room from the pictures so i have as many light sources as possible so the pictures will turn out.
i sanded the first coat of paint down, ill be doing 1-2 more coats of paint then a clear coat so ill post a pic of the final finish of it later. im gunna cut the plexi for the back now.
I hope you remove that ugly bit of metal behind the glass. Looks awesome!!! :eek:
ya those are getting cut off, but i wont be mounting it to this case cuz im selling this system, so ill be mounting it on a brand new stacker, ill probley be painting my drives, audigy face plate and drive covers orange when i get my new one.
o_O a stacker mod. Thought you were just doing a simple HL2 window.
personally i think it looked better clear or the black primer... but still looks sick
ya i got all the paint and clear on, im sanding the clear now i should have some finished pics tonigt!11!!11
got the clear coat sanded and buffed out, then u cut the plexi for the back, the glue needs to dry overnight befor i can mount it to the side panel

i cut those nasty metal fan mounts off the side panel

heres it is not mounted but thats what it will look like mounted, im gunna paint the back of the "2" white so its dried by tommarow when i mount it.
thats pretty sweet, did you polish the panel or is it always that shiney?
im thinking about painting the front of the case, all the black, orange now. what do you guys think about that?
][V][AGIC said:
im thinking about painting the front of the case, all the black, orange now. what do you guys think about that?

I would be careful to overdo it with paint, the black front is a pretty nice combination with the orange side, you could however get some matching orange cold catodes to shine through the meshed frontplates, would be cool :D But hey, just my opinion. Either way kickass work, Im ordering a stacker soon myselfe might copy your work if its ok :)
ya i was thinking an orange front would be a bit much. the Aerogate is nice, i have a custome setup, dtek whitewater with a hydor l30 and a heater core in my other system that i OC on., but i got the Aerogate to cool my stock system. its quiet and cools good, around 35 load.
nice work!! i love it, how did you get the actual half life inner logo to paint and not the outside, just careful?
Absolutely sensational!
I too am creating a half-life 2 mod,
out of curiosity-do you imagine you could PM me the Half-Life 2 Logo you used for referrence? It would be greatly apreciated.