Hiveos Worker is offline


Apr 24, 2021
Trying to get the Hiveos to work on my new 3 gpu rig.
I flashed Hiveos on ssd with the RIG txt file, and connected to the rig but Hive worker is showing offline.
Some people recommended to run some commands but the commands aren't responding.

Like it'd say that a command is running but once it's done, nothing shows up and the command itself disappears
If the commands aren't working then is there a way for me to do anything about this situation?
Have you tried the hello command? Did you configure the worker after setup? If you haven't configured it yet it won't be able to connect to hiveos so it won't show online. Follow this guide and I recommend putting the config file on the disk/usb drive and then running it. The first time it runs it might take a little longer to show up due to having to download software.