HITMAN 2 - Ghost Mode Game-Play Reveal


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Hitman 2 has will feature a new Ghost Mode where you can race an opponent to complete 5 hits. You can see the other player's "ghost" but your actions don't affect their world. Spotted kills do not count and there is a timer that activates when a kill is performed by one of the players so be fast. The targets are all randomly picked so no two matches are alike.

Ghost Mode in HITMAN 2, gives players the chance to simultaneously hunt targets while in the same location and can see a "ghost" version of their rival gamer to track progress against their own, but they exist in separate realities unaffected by the actions of their adversary. In Ghost Mode, the player who can outsmart, outplay and outkill their opponent by eliminating five targets first, will declare victory.
This is a mode I have always wanted. I have also always wanted a 1v1 mode where as long as the other player was disguised they were invisible, but if they did odd things or whatever they would show up and then you would try to assassinate them.
So this means a lot of people ghosting and teabagging others.