Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

Just passed 2.5 mil sometime in the night.

I can't believe it, a few months away from folding and I drop back 80 places or so. I have to get back into the top 500 at least...
Congradulations to both of you for your 200 Million point milestones.
Thats a huge acheivement!
Yay, 60 million, team top 40, Project top 350

Congrats to all on your recent milestones

Fold on [H]orde!!!
Congrats to everyone on their milestones.

If we keep at it like this, you won't need to distinguish between your rank on the team versus the project... ;)
Hit Four million over the weekend... And upgraded from an AMD quad to an Intel Quad w/ hyper ~that right, tiny mower got a smidge faster! I might overtake someone that's active! :D

Team 33 rank: 401 Score: 4007407 Units: 15422
Crossed 30,000,000 this morning for [H] in under 2-1/2 months
Average of 42965 points per WU
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I understand 20M for [H] is pimp hat time? :cool:

That makes 90M overall.

Great milesstones guys! Keep crunching for the cure!
Hit 2K WU. Woot!

40 mil a day or two ago, guess it's official, my 16 months folding break is over lol
That is one sweeeeet pimp hat. The laydies won't be able to stop themselves once they see that bad boy.