High payout projects

I've only gotten 7500 points over the last 8 hours processing on 6 cores. High, but not that high.
It takes a while to get awarded as it gets credited back. You probably won't see much directly from the project side. I went from having nothing to have a crap ton in a very small period of time. According to the admin they credit 20/hour/core or thread. So, a computer with 12 threads would earn roughly 240 points per hour or roughly 5760 points per day. However, I'm getting a lot more than that in the small time I've ran the project as I earned over 2 million in like a week or so time with a 3930k that was also working on other stuff.
Over the last 13 hours it flew up 60,000 points. Big increase.

I guess I'd definitely consider it high now.

My second computer is behaving sort of like the first. Full night of processing and only a few points - 5000. Maybe it'll fly up in points today.
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trickles are supposed to be every 15 minutes but actual work loads may very. They resend work when they change parameters and such. I'm hoping they tweak the app to prevent the java popups. They are an annoyance. I need to put this project on my 2P.
Over the last 10 hours my main computer went up 100,000 points! That is an old as the hills Xeon X5670.

My second computer an i5 2500k went up 10,000 over the last 10 hours. Hasn't jumped up too crazy yet.
Yeah the java things are annoying. I had like 20 of them open when I returned to my NAS today.
In DHEP, I've "earned" an additional 500k over the last 30 hours. Most of that is on the 1st computer I connected to the project. The 2500k went up 65k. Not sure why the 2500k isn't doing better, since the benchmark results are better on it. I'm sure it is just due to the projects configuration and it being BETA.
I have been closing the JAVA applets that open. However, I've read another person say you need to just minimize it as it can crash the app if you X out of it. Maybe more testing is needed. I have noticed what some say about those applets causing the system to become sluggish. I also have one box that after the applets run, I cannot rename files nor folders. A restart must happen to fix it. Kind or off behavior under Windows.
The project is currently using the Credit New credit system. So, scoring can be wild. With the recent server restart, it canceled a lot of work units causing all those work units to miscalculate their completion time and thus BOINC under credited. So, if anyone notice like a 10x point drop just recently, that is why. This project should NOT consider that credit system at all considering run times are not guaranteed to be constant. It can really throw things out of whack. Anyways they are still looking into the scoring mechanism to make it fair.
It "unlocks" locked files and folders from their process. Its a free download.
I don't know if it would or not. These work units are basically fake units anyways as all the data is trickled back and forth from the server and so the work units themselves don't really matter to the project. That is why they don't have to clear out old work in any hurry and why they don't keep anything under your host for very long. There isn't any reason to. A "failed" work unit doesn't mean it didn't complete successful work. A completed work unit doesn't mean that work unit truly completed anything. It is just a way to make the workings of the BOINC server happy.
I imagine it like a minimalistic VM. Though it isn't a VM at all. Just how I wrap my head around it. So, if the JAVA applet is actually closed instead of minimized, it is probably breaking the communication.
It opens sooo damn many of them though. I still haven't closed them all.
It can certainly take over an entire rig. Perhaps using and app_config to limit the number in progress.....
So, I take it that in Windows, a physical Java window opens? I'm only running it on a Linux machine and I don't see anything (other than all of the processes are called "java").

Yeah...and it gets worse the more cores/threads you have running them.
lol, wow. Yeah I was really nervous since I threw it on a 48 thread machine. But fortunately Linux doesn't do that nonsense.
So, when will dhep show up on sites like FreeDC and boincstats? I assume it doesn't because it is still in "test"?
Also, I was running this on my main box last night. Woke up this morning to a computer so sluggish I had to manually reboot it. No more of that shit.
looks like the points people are earning could get adjusted - http://dhep.ga/boinc/forum_thread.php?id=9#156
If anyone has thoughts or suggestions please post in their forums. Please keep it civil and please remember this was an alpha/beta status project and things like points can always change until it goes into production. Therefore not guaranteed....
Yep, no problem with them messing around with points. Seems like a neat project.

Though one thing I want to confirm: these are just "placeholder" work units, correct? If I want to stop running them, all the work I have completed to date has already been sent back to the server.
Yes. Data trickles up every hour. Previously it was every 15 minutes.
thats explains why I have four WU running, no finished but already a RAC and credits ... feels like the streaming client FAH did few years back
Over the next few days the credit system will be migrated to one that:

  • o Is validation based rather than benchmark based.
    o Is trickle based (so Work Units are still dummys).
    o Is proportional to actual work contributed to the science of the project.
    o Is fair so a PC crunching twice as fast will get twice the credit.
    o Tracks and credits the progress of each BOINC host.
    o Calculates RAC.

Please bear in mind during this time some credits might slip through the gaps.

However also massive amounts of credit might be handed out in a one-off event.

Once migration has taken place we will be adjusting the credit rate. It will likely start quite high and then we'll adjust it to be on the high end of what other projects are giving.

Also, you may need to reset the project in your clients. They migrated their servers from Amazon due to misunderstanding on pricing. You may not actually be communicating with them until you pull new work units.
That doesn't exactly state whether he is still going to adjust the old points to the equivalent of the new system though. He was considering that.
Willy added Dist. hardware evolution to boincstats. You can now attach your account via bam.