Help with settings on LG UltraGear 34GN850-B


Dec 17, 2000
I've had this monitor awhile now and had the refresh rate set to 100Hz because at the time I did not have a video card to take advantage of a higher refresh rate. I've had my 3080 for a month now and have been playing CP2077 with no issues. Today I decided to be a dum dum and adjust my refresh rate to 160Hz, which caused "halo" affects around NPC's, I then rested back to 100Hz, with the same affect in game.

After watching HUB video on this monitor, I set the response time on the monitor from Faster to Fast, and it helped with the haloing, but not I have issues with seeing multiple images with txt on screen while in game (see pic)

Just wondering that your guys recommended settings are for this monitor?


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