Help with parsing a log file


[H]F Junkie
Jul 9, 2002
Im not very savvy with doing this type of thing, but it should be simple.

I have a log file, contains the date/time and 2 entries, I just want to do a graph of the data, anyone have any pointers?

Only requirement is it runs/works on Windows

Log file contains actual data, time/date, pool temp, air temp


  • log.txt
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It looks like a CSV (comma separated values) file. Heck, relabel the extension to .CSV and excel will open it up.

Instead of heading into some crazy C# event - just use Excel (or the Libre office version). The charting and all that jazz works the best.
Yup, just rename log.csv and excel will open it up. You can then just ctrl+a to select all and then go up to insert > Recommended Charts (or choose a particular chart type) and it will do it for you.