Help wioth suggestions on HTPC build


Limp Gawd
Jan 16, 2015
looking for some suggestions on what to get for a 4k HTPC build. that I use to play dvd and blu-ray movies and online streaming , and downloaded movies on
would like a card that has HDMI 2.0 if possible hdmi 2.0a and wireless built in to motherboard and DDR4 if you can get it with wireless and if at all possable no killer nic also i do do 5.1 audio so i need to be able to do that be it through HDMI or toslink/optical
motherboard has to be micro atx see case im using below

the case im using is

also im going to be buying this reciver if that make any difference to upgrade my old one
Where do you live?
What exact parts do you need?
under 500 if possable
i like in usa indianapolis in
i only need motherboard , cpu and videocard bluj ray drive i have coverd and hard drive as well and memory as well i have coverd i just need help with those three
I just built a HTPC (installing updates as we speak) using a ASROCK 1150 socket motherboard .... It's their H97 Anniversary one + 3220 CPU and NO GPU.... But with a budget of 500 the sky's the limit for you my man....

I'm in Brownsburg IN myself. Id hit up Frys. I was in there myself today and looks like they are redoing their stuff so they will have some deals on display units or stock they are phasing out....
For HDMI 2.0 with a discrete card you will need a GTX 950, 960 or 980Ti. I believe those are the only options at the moment.

I believe some skylake boards do support HDMI 2.0, but a good portion of them are still only 1.4.
Are you sure you want wireless? In some people's houses WiFi reception is not good. And you'll be using UHD video files over it probably.