Help choosing mobo plz


Jul 29, 2004
hi there im looking to buy a p4 3.0 prescott and was just wondering which of is the best overall (performance, overclocking, stability)
-DFI Lanparty infinity
-Abit IC-7 / A17
-MSI 865PE
-Soltek 865GR
oh and also i was wondering if i should get the prescott or the northwood core. what is the difference between these 2?
im also open to any other suggestions. ur help would be much appreciated. cheers
At this point, the Northwood core is preferable because the temps are lower and the pipe length is shorter ( I think ) - in the future, the Prescott has more room to grow as it will scale higher than the Northwood (which is basically reaching its limit).... Check out my sig to see what I have.... I'm thinking my next move will be to an Athlon 64 platform even though I've always been an Intel kind of guy.... they've just made a few too many mistakes lately...
Ill sell you my cpu/mobo combo

P4 3.2 ghz and an Asus P4C800-e Deluxe... best rig... ever... but I just ordered an fx-53 which made me super poor so I have to sell it... the mobo=brand new never installed, cpu=2 weeks old

pm me if interested