HDR 10 and Dell U3011

Aug 23, 2006
Hey Guys,

I was wondering how this whole 8/10/12 bit thing works for HDR and if my Dell U3011 meets the requirements of the various HDR standards out there. My understanding is that the panel is native 10bit but with 12bit internal processing capability.

Dell U3011 Review: Dell's New 30-inch Flagship

Scenario1: If I were to plug in an Xbox One S, would I be able to play on my monitor with HDR?
Scenario 2: Are there any pc games that support HDR (not HL2's HDR, but the HDR everyone seems to be talking about these days)

On that note, what's the difference anyway? (i.e HL2 Lost Coast vs HDR on Xbox One S).
I have a GTX 980, so not sure if it supports HDR (but runs HL2 on high settings pretty well :p)

Any help on this is much appreciated :)
The HDR standard that's been developed requires much higher contrast ratios than the U3011 is capable of. This is usually achieved via local dimming, or OLED. The Dell will not support HDR with the Xbox One or any other source.