HDMI-to-DVI-D adapter - will audio be transported?

OpenSource Ghost

Limp Gawd
Feb 14, 2022
My old Samsung TV's HDMI1 port broke off and it was the only port that supported PC Mode and 4:4:4 chrome subsampling, full RGB, and has the lowest latency. The other 3 HDMI ports on TV do not support PC Mode. The only other way to get PC Mode now is to use DVI-D port on TV, but my RTX 3070 Ti only has Display Port and HDMI ports. Would HDMI-to-DVI-D transport audio to my TV?

I also tried Service Menu, but couldn't find a way to map PC Mode onto other HDMI ports, but "DVI-D Sound" option was present and set to "On". I guess the sound should work, shouldn't it?
an actual hdmi to dvid cable should transfer the audio. adapters are iffy.
It can work, HDMI and single link DVI-D are basically electrically compatible. What your display and source want to do is up to them though. HDMI Audio is more or less just some data during VBLank, so it fits fine in DVI signaling, it's just not exactly according to DVI spec. I would not try to use display port for this unless you don't have a choice, because it's going to be an active adapter and you don't want that. Use either a cable or one of the passive electrical adapters they used to make with the big chunky DVI connector on one side and a female HDMI on the back.