HDMI keeps on disconnecting if TV is sleeping


Sep 16, 2022
Hi all,

I'm having some issues with windows rearranging every few minutes if the TV is sleeping. I'm using Windows 10.
I have two cables connected that appear in Windows as displays in this order:
  1. HDMI cable to the TV
  2. DP cable to the monitor (Primary display)

Every few minutes if the TV is sleeping, HDMI thinks that the cable is no longer connected (not just display off, just as if there was nothing connected).

I have the monitor as the only active display (that means "Second screen only" on Windows+P). And even then, every few minutes the TV is not detected for a few seconds so Windows rearranges everything for no good reason (no output has really changed! Sure, the TV stops being detected for a second, but I was not using that output anyway).
I have tried the pin 19 block but didn't seem to fix anything. I have tried several tips I found online about deleting entries in the registry, restarting with only the monitor connected and I don't know how many things.

There must be something that can be done about it. Whether is a software fix or something like an HDMI cable with a switch (that needs to work with 4k 120fps and HDR).

This is a video of what it looks like. You can see at the beginning of the video the TV is not even detected.

Any ideas on what can I do about it? TIA!
I wonder if a powered HDMI switch would work?

If there is no power disconnect on the switch, I'm thinking it would trick windows into thinking the display is always on, regardless of the tv in sleep mode or on.