HDMI is HDMI is HDMI when it comes to cables?


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Aug 3, 2004
So my understanding with HDMI, since it is digital that cables either work or they do not, 1 and 0's....

That is why Monster cables for a stupid amount are such a waste and other brands.

So Engadet notes just buy some Amazon cables (https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/26/cheap-great-hdmi-cables/?sr_source=Facebook ), warrantied for life and then someone posts:

There isn't HDMI 2.1 but there is the hdcp chip that is up to a 2.2 that is also a big part of what makes HDMI cables different from one another. And if your buying a high end setup and you think that you will get the same quality out of cheap amazon cables as you do an audio quest vodka cable your crazy too.

And suggests https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/hdmi/vodka

AS per the article:

Here's a reference in Popular Mechanics in Brand-Name HDMI Cables: Are They Worth It?:"The fact is, HDMI is digital, meaning you either get the feed or you don't. High prices and gimmicks like gold-plating don't affect 1s and 0s. Our advice: Purchase your wiring online for cheap, and use the saved money to upgrade to a larger flat screen."

And although this is another one of mine, it shows all the hands-on testing I did leading up to the first CNET article. "The fact is, below 50 feet, performance is going to be a LOT more uniform. In other words, you'll have more cables that will work on everything. As such, it's even more likely that a cheap cable will perform the same as their more expensive counterparts. At short distances (under 10 feet), like we've always said, there's not going to be any difference."
yes the signal wont change but the cable quality does, better ends that dont fall apart, gold plating prevents corrosion etc. but nothing that will improve signal. I personally use dollar store cables($5CAN) and have never had an issue.
I ran into an issue not too long ago where I was unable to run my monitor at 144 hertz over HDMI. I read something about needing a high speed HDMI cable for either high refresh rates or 4K. In the end I gave up on the hdmi and just bought a displayport cable instead. Apparently hdmi high speed/hdcp 4.0 hdmi cables are a thing though.
HDMI is a packet based signal. A poor quality cable running at just the edge of its ability to transmit data can cause packet loss which you may see as screen anomalies or broken audio. Push the resolution higher, and the signal may fail altogether.

It's similar to ethernet. That's also a digital signal, but a bad cable can cause a high error rate and reduced data transfer speeds.

That's said, you can get quality cables without paying ridiculous prices.
Some HDMI cables are so cheap and nasty they are not properly shielded, terminated etcet c and you do get drop outs of picture, quite common on budget shit.
So yeah, don't get the bottom of the barrel, or if so ensure it's well and independently and recently reviewed...
You also don't need MUNSTARRrrr cables. Monster is shit anyway in the high end cable world lol.