HD-DVD drive options


Mar 29, 2006
I have a bunch of HD-DVDs and I wouldn't like to re-buy them.

I used a HD-DVD drive out of an Xbox. You had to grab 3.3 V directly from the PSU which worked well but I seemed to have killed the drive on a recent rebuild of the machine it was in.

I then bought a HD-DVD+Blu Ray combo drive "HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L". I have heard reports that it doesn't read certain disks, but it actually is more complicated. The thing gets stuck. I reads all HD-DVDs that I feed it eventually but only once and then it always says "no medium found" until a non-deterministic number of hard powercycles. Resets of SATA seem to do nothing.

I will see whether there's a newer firmware out there but the fact that the number of powercycles is nondeterministic makes me thing that it won't cut it.

I can't seem to find those drives out of an Xbox at reasonable prices right now.

Just putting this out here to brainstorm. Any thoughts?
Stupid muppets at HP. The firmware upgrade comes as a winblow *.exe. Hardware requirements vary depending on what you look at between "Vista 32 bit only" and various other pre-2--9 stuff.

Sure as heck, it refuses to run on win7 with a simple and effective "you don't meet the requirements".

In related news Win7 sometimes bluescreens on the drive. Yes on the optical drive. What the...
Did you try to set file properties to vista compatability mode before running the program? usually that gets it running.

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