Having problem with computer noise and cooling. Need some quick help.


Limp Gawd
Oct 29, 2002
I have an old Dell 8200 from back in the day. It is a 1.7 ghz with 768 RDRAM. I have been using it as a PVR because I felt the one I built was too overpowered. I love it so far even though it is kinda sluggish but there is a major problem; noise. The computer runs so loud that most of the time it is louder then the TV and it drives me insane. My friend recommended to unplug the fan and when I did, I didnt hear a thing. Now I have two problems with this. First, when computer starts up, it gives me an alert that the fan is not being powered and I have to press F1 to continue. Since it is a PVR, I do not have a keyboard plugged into it. Anyone know how to disable that? Also, I want to make sure that it isnt overheating. I checked BIOS but it is a Dell and doesnt tell you the tempertures in there. I tried the program MBM but it says that my motherboard is not supported by that program. Anyone know how I can check? Thanks alot in advance!

EDIT: The fan I unplugged is located in the back of the computer under the power supply.
...so it's not the CPU fan that you unplugged? do you experience any stability issues? if not - you should be fine like that.