Have I Calibrated Correctly? + Questions (MSI MAG274QRF-QD)


Jun 30, 2003
My MSI MAG274QRF-QD 27" IPS monitor has just arrived and I have an X‑Rite i1Display Pro calibration device which I bought a few years back. Usually I use the X-Rite software but I keep reading about people using DisplayCAL so I've installed this instead. I'm not exactly sure if I have calibrated correctly. I've left the monitor settings on default, turned off the lights, closed the curtains and selected "LCD White LED family (AC, LG, Samsung)" in the correction option of DisplayCAL in accordance to this link. The tone curve is set to Gamma 2.2. Is this correct? Then when I click the calbrate button, DisplayCAL asked me to adjust the RGB and brightness levels which I did with the montiors OSD. After 5 minutes or so the calibration process had completed so I loaded the profile and set it as my default. A few questions:

1) DisplayCAL is running in the background and present in the taskbar. Do I need this software running constantly? As I believe Windows is running this colour profile as default (it shows the profile as default)

2) The monitor has HDR support. It's not very good but it apparently offers a slight improvement compared to SDR. I have HDCR setting in the monitors OSD. When enabling this, the brightness and RGB sliders are disabled on the monitors OSD. I also have an HDR setting within Windows display settings. Again, enabling this disables the RGB and brightness sliders. These two settings are independant of each other. So is it correct that I can't calibrate my monitor in DisplayCAL with HDR enabled? Since DisplayCAL will ask me to adjust the RGB sliders which I cannot do as the sliders would be disabled.

3) Are there any settings on the monitor, within Windows or Radeon software that I should definitely have enabled or disabled? The response time is set to fast. I do Photoshop editing and photography (as a hobby) so it's important that my monitor is reasonably correct. Apparently the monitor doesn't have an sRGB mode. I shoot photography on my DSLR and save in camera as Adobe 1998 RAW files. I don't really have a great understanding of the different modes but I understand Adobe 1998 can display a wider array of colours. So is there anything I need to set?

I think calibration has improved but the colours still look slightly oversaturated but according to DisplayCAL when I run the brief measurement test, the RGB readings are correct. The black levels look good on this website. Each black square is distinguishable.
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