Hard finding my desired features at reasonable price.

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Nov 14, 2004
Hey all.

Been surprised how hard it is to find the combination of features I want at a reasonable price point.

Must haves:

- large screen (bigger is better) with good image quality for video playback / reading
- microSD card support for forthcoming 1TB+ cards
- standard headphone jack
- good internet tethering for my mobile devices

Nice to haves:

- Not much higher than $500 U.S. price point
- lots of RAM
- fast processor
- OLED screen
- camera that takes okay pics
- decent phone reception for the rare phone call
- smooth retro gaming emulation / smooth game streaming from PC
- full support for mobile VR


I picked up a Samsung J7 a good while back while money was tight, and it's age has started to show with increasing battery and hardware issues. Money is still somewhat tight, but I could use suggestions / feedback on phones I've researched so far.

I maybe use the phone functionality of my device once or twice a week, with watching videos, music playback via bluetooth to my AIWA Exos9 or wired headphones, internet browsing, reading comics / articles, and GPS navigation being main usage. It'd be nice to be able to play games via streaming from my gaming rigs (400+ steam titles) or if android ever gets around to having good games that aren't all pay to win / pay gate garbage.

Current thoughts:

If the Samsung Note 9 was about $500 cheaper for the 512GB storage version than it's current $1250, that'd get my money. Alas, it's pricey as hell. Though the Note 8 ticks lots of boxes and isn't as stupidly expensive, I've read Samsung is kinda crap about supporting / updating their devices that are 2+ years old.

Current top of the list is the LG G7 ThingQ, despite numerous reviews saying it's kinda "meh" / has unimpressive battery life, especially since it's under $500 for the 64GB version while ticking the main check boxes. I was also reluctantly considering the Razer 2, though it lacks the headphone jack that I'd really like to keep.

Anyone know of any models that has the microSD slot, headphone jack, and decent screen for cheaper (or better parts for not much more?)
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I Drank All Your Beer
Mar 7, 2005
Sounds like you need / want the LG V40 ThinQ

(Note 9 contender. Bigger, better version of the G7) OLED. 6.4" screen. 6gb ram. MicroSD support. Headphone jack with quad DAC. IP68. 5 cameras! SnapDragon 845.

Also the V30 if you don't mind going used. Or a V35 if you have At+t.

Edit: I just picked up the LG G7 thinQ for $429. BH photo. Authorized retailer for 2 year (2nd year promise) via LG warranty. No tax. Free shipping.
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Blown 89

Oct 21, 2002
You literally just described the LG V40. The only thing it doesn't do well is mobile VR as it's not Daydream compatible without root.
Mar 4, 2019
My wife has the G7. I like it. She doesn't so much. Takes great pics, just like my G6. It's been reliable, though I don't know what you can find them for, pricewise. I paid $200 for my G6 gently used last year, just for reference.


Dec 23, 2007
B & H and Best Buy are now selling brand new unlocked Moto G6 phones at lowered prices. The 32MB version is $179 and the 64 MB is $229.
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