Actually I used the mobile/responsive table from bootstrap; but it don’t zoom the way as on the desktop.

Let me see if I can add a switch for mobile and desktop sites with slight different behaviors.
I've been looking at other teams web sites to see just what they have to offer on their sites when I stumbled upon this one. http://www.gpuug.org/

The first article I seen was them giving a shout-out to one of their members for finding Gamma-ray Pulsars in the Einstein@Home project.

So it got me thinking.

Do these projects make it easy to search for members who discover something new that you could easily pull data from and post articles about our own team members on Hard-DC.com or is this something that they just have to manually add as team members submit the data?
That is a good question as the only time I've seen notifications come out is if it is posted in the "News" section of the project or they send you the email like PrimeGrid does when you find a prime. However, even then it requires the user to opt in for email communications in their preferences. That will also probably be a project by project scenario as well. Even the User of the Day emails typically find their way into my junk folder.
I'm back to seeing the white background version and do not see the navigation links that were at the top.
Still struggle with cross-site-Origin; need to rebuild the folder structure and remove those subdomains; i tried other ways tweaking HTML header but failed until now

If you try in a private session or reset data for hard-dc.com from cache ?
FYI, in IE11, the color scheme works fine but not with chrome.

Also, I didn't see that the stats got updated after resetting the browser cache.
Oh, why is that important ?

I have Cloudflare active but it’s cache is quite aggressive at times and one might not get actual files.
As long I can use sub domains I can control what domain cached and what not. So loading statistics from data.hard-dc.com should always get actual data while the css/html files might come from Cloudflare instead.

Ahhh, I love technology and learn how to use it ...
CV, take it easy. The marathons are still a long way to the finishing line. No rush, I would say..

..and thanks for this awesome dashboard.(y)(y)(y)
Looks like some of the text is still hard to read.

Also, if I click the HOME link, it changes the color theme back to white as well. Refreshing the page leaves it white. But if I select the address in the toolbar and hit enter, it goes back to black.

The white page loses the links at the top.

Was not able to work on it last week, I still struggle with Cloudflare, sub domains and cross-site origin.
The white page e.g. indicate the CSS file not loaded (most likely rejected).

Funny, if I test from the console with curl and modified HTML header (define origin) the access rights looking good. The browser might have different opinions.
The site shows up with white background and no projects or teams are listed. Just blank data. Chrome 63 here.
Wouldn't opening the page incognito mode do the same thing?
The v2 site and the stats looks good to me in Chrome. Thanks CV!
Hmm, there are a couple of projects where EVGA is right at our tails....

I'm not panicking yet as it is still early in the game.
Well... we will be getting spoiled throughout February on the CPU projects as EVGA will most likely have theirs pointed at the Prime Grid challenge for the month. Their GPU's might be running on the project too, but not sure if they expect many primes from GFN or not. The whole point of this month challenge is to get primes rather than points. And we don't have to have number 1 spot at PG if we can take 2nd for FB. We just need to make sure we dominate the CPU only projects since those are like 2/3's of the FB projects. We can settle for just doing well at the GPU projects.
this morning I get the black theme but not the links/banner at the top. This is in Chrome. And yes I had cleared the cache. Also, should this thread be moved to the open forums? Since it is on a public page accessible by anyone and we want people to use it, it probably should be discussed there too. I think more eyes on it would be best.
That alternate link has been working fine for me lately.
I think the BOINC community could benefit from an app_config generator. Something that will allow you to easier insert values on a web page and then generate the app_config file for you to download.

Unless something like this already exists.
That would require someone to monitor all BOINC projects and update work unit names unless you had a section to input the file name manually...
Every value would have a manual input. Some could have drop down suggestions. Mostly the app config would generate the code and formatting. The values and input would be entered by the user on the page.
I had a similar idea already ; I’m starting with the list of boinc projects; CPU/GPU/OS requirements ; list of applications I should get from xml files ; then creating skeletons should be not difficult
From looking at my installation, i feel we can datamine a full-fat installation (all projects selected, all potential co-processor options selected for each project) for any information we need. I imagine this possible due to all the XML configuration i see exposed. Given the app can update itself, we should be able to keep our selection options updated in an automated fashion.

Example: the 'all_projects_list.xml' -> Project list here!

Dreaming up some sort of design from the eternal 3 Tier Arch style: {
Back: Data Store - our app's XML files
Middle: DAO/Biz logic - get info from our app's XML files, generate user output
Front: API/GUI for user
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I had something similar in my joined FAH/BOINC client ... right now only for main parameter but with dropdown lists etc.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 21.42.02.png

Something smiler; but Web based and the backend support as atp1916 mentioned.
(Btw: right now I use PostgreSQL as database, nginx as web server and a bunch of python scripts; in the process to build a middleware layer in C++/CPPCMS; that could also play as RESTful API ; frontend I try to focus on Bootstrap 4.0 and d3js for visualization). First focus should be content creation for help site; challenge management and the also config-generator.
In addition I think about a daily mail service for crunching progress; and when the member share with boinc CPID and folding donor then I can also combine those both.

Oh, and the PostgreSQL just got stuck and I'm fixing it.
I just want to say that I think what you are doing is awesome. Oh and Thank You!
While at work using IE, Firefox, & Chrome, I am still not getting the full page. As in the links at the top and such. Not sure if they are blocking something or if it is still work in progress...


It looks fine within Chrome on my mobile.