H1Z1 Goes Free to Play


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
The makers of H1Z1 have announced that the game (that just came out of Steam Early Access) is now going free to play. I know some of you probably purchased this game recently and if you haven't exceeded the refund limits Daybreak is advising you to request a refund. Also, for those that can't get a refund, Daybreak is giving out an H1Z1 Appreciation Pack. If you haven't tried the game here's the free to play trailer.

Watch the video here.
1st anouncement of the game was f2p model, right before the early access switched to buy to play, few months in split the game in 2 games to buy seperatly to milk some more, when early access is out, they went back to f2p, no way in hell this wasn't a cash grab in purpose.
and from what they did , players should expect a p2w cash shop, a wallet race game.
seriously this is riddiculous, now studios force ppl into buying gambling crates, you make a f2p, switch the model to b2p, you make ppl pay for the testing then give them crates and credit instead, pretty sure some lawer can argue this in court, the only honest way for them to prove this wasn't in purpose, is a full refund or at least give players a choice, take pixel money or your money back.
i have a feeling we will be seeing this more and more, it's a win win for them.
I liked H1Z1 before they redesigned it. Its just so different from the original. Not my thing
I don't like their business practices in regards to making it free a week after release. Some people had already exceeded refund limits, and essentially were scammed out of their money, according to the reviews. In addition, the developers do not seem to listen to the community when releasing the patches. Note that there's also a $100 DLC. It's clear they are greedy. I will not be supporting Daybreak anytime soon, especially when there are better companies out there, with better games.
Well, it probably won't run on my Tandy 1000. Screw it.
This is funny, prior I wouldn't touch this game with a 10 foot pole. I might actually try it for the new Twisted Metal BR mode, if nothing else than to just give it a whirl.
As far as I know, they have been saying since the beginning that this game would be F2P once it left early-access.

Doesn't bother me. I bought it on the cheap, and had fun with it back in the day. PUBG is better (at least as of the last time I played it), but I logged a lot of hours into it before PUBG came out. I got my monies worth.