[H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

The 660 will benefit my gaming rig by allowing me to game! I gave my girlfriend my 8800gt so she could play Skyrim while I borrowed a friends 580. He needed the card back and now I have nothing at all. :(
The fans on the card will definitely keep it well cooled during my gaming marathons! :D Plus, it would be a nice bump up from my 6950.
The 660 will be a nice improvement over my 560 to allow higher fps at my monitor's native resolution. Go Kepler.
Currently looking into triple monitor set-ups and I think the Nvidia 660TI would be a perfect contender to stretch those muscles. Maybe he might have room for a friend down the line! And with the card's power and temperature efficiency, they shouldn't get into many "heated' arguments.
the digi+ vrm, gpu tweak software 6 phase design high quality SAP, super alloy capacitors with twice the lifespan!!! super alloy mosfets as well. Dc2 cooling system keeps the card nice and cool!!!! Faster than a Gtx 580!!!! wooooohooooo hella card! oh and it will be replacing my 8800gts it would be nice to not game on a slideshow for once, yes i play bf3, diablo 3, civ v, tf2, along with new titles that i dont own yet.
DirectX 11 support, runs cool and is power efficient. I bet it folds like a beast too. :D
The current Gen Nvidia cards a just awesome all around. The 660Ti is just another step in the right direction for GPUs. A new GPU will always be a good step forward especially when using 3D programs and playing the latest games!
I already <3 Asus, but I would <3 Asus even more if I had a nice shinny new quiet 660ti.. Then it should be enough horsepower to push this 1440p monitor I have without sounding like a jet engine at most games loading screens.
Excellent power to noise ratio from the cooling apparatus. Nothing is more annoying than having your superb surround sound polluted by a tiny, blower style fan at 5,000 RPMs.

Better cooling hopefully means less power attentuation for better overall performance. Pair that with ASUS's improved electrical components and the card should long outlive it's needed lifespan.

It also looks sexy. Nobody wants an ugly square brick inside their case...
I'm all in for a cooler, quieter, more power efficient video card. Industry-leading game compatibility is a must, and PhysX is a definite bonus.
Increased power efficiency, lower temps due to the Super Alloy Power, the DirectU heatsink with it's 5 copper pipes being in contact with the GPU and it's 2 80mm fans, and it would be a very nice all around upgrade from my current 560ti.
It's nice to know that you'll get great performance out of this card while staying cool and quiet. That's definitely a plus in overall game enjoyment by lowering ambient noise. To boot, it should make it last longer in the long run.

More RAM on these newer cards means that gaming on 2560 x 1600 or multi-display would be very smooth. Man that would be nice...

I'd love the chance to try!
ASUS industry leading quality and highly efficient cooling with the DirectCU II would be perfect for my new build.
i previously have purchased DCII card designs for purposes of more/better video output options for multimonitor gaming or working. and previously bought asus ws motherboards for the purpose of having multiple slots for add-on cards and sli/cfx solutions. less heat, more square feet. what more does a boy need.
The feature that I would really look forward to is the lower power consumption of my current rig. That was something I never paid any attention to before. But after returning from a two week vacation, our energy bill was reduced by about $150, in large part, I suspect, due to the computer being turned off.
I have been a user of Asus hardware for many years, and always found it to be top notch. This card would allow me to play the newest games at full resolution and details, all while not overheating my house!
It has the stability of an ASUS product, while providing me a significant upgrade to allow me to game at modern gaming resolutions with max settings. What could be better?
I would have to say that adaptive anti-aliasing is the best feature. This should be even more true when my 120hz monitor arrives, since it will obviously be harder to maintain 120 vs 60 fps.
You don't need to sacrifice a quiet system for a kick-butt system with this card!
No more trying to balance heat/cooling/noise with this card! You'll be able to crank up the settings without a wind-tunnel being put through its paces next to you
For me, owning something as high-end as this would be amazing. Sadly, until now, I haven't had much of a system that would take advantage of a card of this caliber. For what it's worth, I'm an audiophile as well, so I think that some of the components being used in this videocard are very neat!

DigiVRM+ Looks very cool. One of the biggest things that people who love audio are concerned about is how the power is regulated in their components. I think it's neat (and wonder why no one else did this) that digital voltage regulation is being used on video cards! Should keep the board nice and stable.

But the most interesting feature I see is the thermal unit itself - the DirectCU II. My wife sometimes has to travel out of town for work, leaving me here by myself (after work and school, lol). Being able to pull some long gaming sessions would be amazing; and this cooling unit will probably be able to keep the card nice and cool for hours on end.

I think that this card, on the whole, would take my gaming setup to a whole new level, and thrust me into the high-end territory that I always wanted to experience.

Overall, I say "Bravo!" to ASUS. I don't expect I'll win. If I could afford one (can't, as school is expensive!), I'd totally buy one. Good job guys. Keep on making great graphics cards. :)
I've never been able to use an ASUS DirectCU model card with the rotated motherboard in my case, but with the new heatpipe direction in the DirectCU ii 660ti, it's practically made fore my case! ;)
My son plays SWTOR and has horrible load times that this card could fix. So this one is for my boy.
The DirectCU II cooling should keep the card performing well even during heavy loads. Not to mention it would a be a nice upgrade to my old 5870's.
I currently am running an Athlon 64 3000+ with a 7600GT, so this would be a SIGNIFICANT upgrade for me and help me to justify to my wife that I need to upgrade my system. Help me get a gaming rig going!
Simply put: DX11, power efficiency, and being on current gen hardware rather than my old and busted equipment.
Simply put, I need an upgrade for Windows 8. My current card is the Radeon HD 4870 which will not receive driver updates on Windows 8. It will only ever get the in-box drivers.
This would give me peace of mind because it comes from a company I find to have extremely reliable and capable products.
The young GTX 660 Ti Frodo spoke up to the council. "I will bear the fires of Mordor will anyone show me the way?" The great PCB Gandalf immediately felt his heart sink this was much to big a job for the small GPU. A hush fell over the room. The silence was broken by Gandalf, "I will help you bear this burden as long as it is yours to bear." Aragorn the Heatsink joined in, "By my life or death, If I can protect you, I will. You have my Surface area." Legolas spoke, "And you have my heatpipes." Not to be outdone Gimli added, "And my fans." With this decided Elrond of Asus declared. " I dubbed thee The Fellowship of the DirectCU II!" any part alone would fail but together they were greater than their sum. To vanquish the evil heat of Mordor.
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I want this video card so I can upgrade from my Asus 9600 GT DX 9 to the wonderful world of DX 11. I also desire its quiet fan speeds and excellent temperatures while under load. Phys X is also a nice feature as well as adaptive anti-analising that would improve my gaming experience. The best thing about upgrading to this card is that it would allow me to run a multi-monitor setup.
The Asus DirectCU II 660 series is clearly ahead of the game in being overclock friendly. It has great cooling with copper heatpipes and efficient fans, more reliable power control, and a great utility for overclocking on the fly.

I enjoy getting the most out of my computer hardware, and look for products such as this series that allow for a better experience than the rest, and with a fantastic reputation like Asus has, I know I'm getting a quality product!
My current video card is a jet engine and a furnace combined, the cool running, quiet Asus 660 would be a massive upgrade, and look great with my Asus motherboard.
Finally, a powerful budget nvidia card that offers tri-monitor support. Just what I needed.