[H]ardforum with graphic sigs and avatars


Fisting is Too Mainstream for Me
Oct 18, 2004
i've been thinking how would [H]ardforum look with the annoying and big graphic sigs and avatars enabled, so could anyone photochop a normal [H]ardforum page into one a "what could've been" [H]ardforum? :D

hmm.... this could also be made just by modifying the web page code :D
i´ll look into that :p
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why should we go to that effort when you can't even make the effort to type "anyone".
LOL that Evony ad. I played that game for about 6 months. Never got any cleavage. :(

Though I would not mind graphic sig/avatars as long as there is a strict enforcement on height. 200px and like 2 lines of 14pt text max, or something.
If it does happen, only subscribers should be allowed to use them.