Guidelines For This Forum - Read BEFORE Posting.

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May 18, 1997
1) All HardForum rules apply to this sub-forum.

2) NO "I can build it myself for $$$ less!" posts. NO "I priced checked at Newegg/ZipZoomFly/ClubIT/etc and can build it for $$$$ less!" threads. These posts will be deleted and your account will be permanently banned.

3) This forum is for prebuilt, OEM systems that you would buy from companies like Dell or Falcon Northwest. If you are looking for a venue to discuss or recommend home built systems, General Hardware is where you want to be.

4) One thread per purchasing decision. If you're looking to purchase a new pre-built PC, please do not start a new thread each time you find a new builder to choose from. Start one thread, and update it each time you have a question.
Not open for further replies.