GTX 1070 fans won't slow down until shut down


Dec 18, 2016
My Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 started an issue yesterday. Once the GPU reaches temp where the fan spins up, it goes to 100% fan speed. I have not re set the drivers yet, but did uninstall afterburner as I thought that was the problem but it's not.. I would re set the drivers now except I'm transferring a game off of a failing external hard drive and it's taking forever. Afterburner was reporting zero percent fan while they were spinning at 100% by the sound, and then as the fan speeds went up and down on afterburner/ riva tuner overlay, the fan speed never changes.

Just looking for ideas. This card never gets over 70* and I use an afterburner fan curve that is agressive and does about 70% fan speed at that temp to maintain it