GTX 1070 enough for FS 2020?


Dec 18, 2016
My rig plays pretty much everything I want it to on high- ultra at 1080P 45-60 FPS ( have 60hz panel ). It's a run of the mill R5 3600 box with 16gb of 3200mhz ram and a GTX 1070. I've recently gotten the itch to play FS2020, thanks to the Trevor Jacob plane crash and the $20 Logitech flight stick.

Is a 1070 going to produce ~50 FPS on medium to high settings for me?
I am no MS FS 2020 expert but put in about 6 hours so far.
I've run MS FS 2020 at ultra settings at 1440p on amd ryzen 7 5800x & rtx 3080 fe and seen between 40 - 80 fps on the regular
Another (brother's PC) system is i7 11700KF & rtx 3060 ti running MS FS 2020 with high settings at 1080p and seen between 30 - 70 fps on the regular.
With the gtx 1070 I suspect you will have to dial the graphics settings back to medium to reliably get greater then 30 fps so it is not choppy.
Best of luck to you. May your frame rate be high, your temps low, and your landings easy.