gpuz not seeing physx


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Dec 10, 2012
My setup is z77 mobo and 2x 7970 in xfire and eyefinnity @ 8x v3.0 one gtx 260 for hybrid ppu @ pcie 1x v2.0.

1 driver swept ati nvidia software out.
2 install amd cat 13.9 reboot
3 PreHybrd as admin
4 install 314.22 driver only reboot
5 disable MSE
6 installed PhysX-9.13.0604
7 Hybridiz as admin
8 ????? physx not checked in gpuz :confused:

I did try the Legacy ageia mod and card on this installation with some success. I also used driver fusion to sweep out physx could the old software bork My bits?

thanks in advance
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the trick of use dedicated Nvidia as PhysX with AMD cards are no longer possible since long time ago due to both drivers from AMD and NVIDIA block it, theres many trick (google it) that allow to activate PhysX in hybrid setup but they produces more troubles than benefits...
NONSENSE, use the current AMD driver and the nvidia 314.22 driver

uninstall newer drivers for card and physx and start over
instal 314.22, REBOOT
then only do (run as admin) hybridiz
reboot, try game
then report back
I am using 314.22 was tempted to try newer drivers. I had an old ageia card and drivers I think part of that mod borked my hybrid setup. I still have the ageia tray icon. noting in uninstall, startup or reg. may be quicker to backup and reinstall:eek:
I have a nvidia GPU in my laptop and GPU-Z detects/checks PhysX once, then will never detect it again. I think it has some bugs.
re installed windows, new sound card, mod works fluidmark gets the same performance on cpu 3570k 4.2 ghz and gt430 700mhz at least it frees up my cpu. may need to try the gtx 260 ;)