GPU Open and AMD's Vulkan V-EZ Mode


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May 18, 1997
GPU Open and AMD have been teaming to support V-EZ which you can download for free at GitHub. The Vulkan API has been picking up significant steam over the last year with big AAA gaming releases having Vulkan support, and from our testing, that is all for the better as well. V-EZ is focused on, you guessed it, making Vulkan easier to use for developers. V-EZ can be used with standar Vulkan as well giving game developers some shortcuts in the usual workload. Thanks cageymaru.

Continuing our partnership with the Khronos Group and our commitment to providing developers with the hardware agnostic tools they need to build modern professional applications, AMD is announcing the release of V-EZ, a middleware layer that significantly reduces the house-keeping overhead of Vulkan making it easier to use and more accessible to a broader base of developers. V-EZ will still retain the most powerful capabilities of Vulkan but with a simplified API that can be mixed with standard Vulkan where needed. Read on to learn more about some of V-EZ’s key technical features.


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Oct 5, 2015
Oh, now they bring out "easy mode," when I'm half-way through learning Vulkan. I guess I'll stick with hard mode. Or maybe it should be called "beast mode." has been quite helpful.

if you have the capability to do so it'll benefit you.
Generic means overhead, overhead means less performance. :)