Gotta love EVGA....


Jun 6, 2014
Recently I had one of my Evga 670GTX FTWs go bad(after 2 yrs of hard use). Naturally I Rma'ed it to Evga(KR products have 3 yr warranty so I just made it), and they sent out a replacement within a week. Unfortunately they sent out a 770 GTX Superclocked ACX, which made my other working 670 FTW in my build unusable. All I did is explain this situation to Evga, and within minutes, they contacted me apologizing for breaking up my 670 FTW sli, and sent me a RMA for the 2nd,(working) 670GTX FTW! Evga replaced both my 670 FTWs with 770 SC ACXs free of charge!!! Now that's good customer service!! Just thought I'd share, not too often when a company throws $800 of gpus to a customer for free!
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Thats awesome! EVGA is great! Love hearing the good side of customer service stories :)
EVGA is definitely a great company, I just hope they are in good financial shape. We don't need another good Graphics card company going under like the old Visiontek and BFG..
My very first SLI setup was with eVGA 6600GT's. I really wanted to go with an eVGA 780 w/ ACX, but I just couldn't justify the significant higher price over my current Asus. If I had the extra money at the time, I'd be running an eVGA GPU. Love their new X99 uATX board! Someday...
and this is why you dont buy Asus video cards lol
Customer service wow. I bought a cheap ass gtx 780 with no display with great confidence evga would accept an rma. I was right they approved it in under 30 minutes on a Saturday lol. Congrats on the hookup though that's awesome they really took care of you. I think at this point I would only buy evga just for that customer service
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EVGA has the absolute best customer service. This is why I can't buy AMD, because no AMD company can provide this level of service.
I've been very happy with my various EVGA cards. Nice to hear a good RMA experience.
Yeah I love EVGA. I had my GTX670 vanilla card go bad a few months back, and when I they replaced it I got back a FTW version :). I know my GTX980 will almost be certainly a EVGA brand one :).
When my old 780i went bad after 5 years, they upgraded me to an 1155 mobo (after calling of course) as they wouldn't have the same model in for several months, (which also meant I'd get a "repaired" RMA from someone else). Best of all, even though they don't offer lifetime warranties anymore, they still transferred it over to the new board. It's like free upgrades for life. Combine that with Noctua's free socket mounting kits and you've got two top notch companies I'm willing to pay a little extra for.
It is encouraging to see good stories like this.

Your experience went better than mine. Glad to see some people have better experiences.
I love eVGA customer service. They modded my X58 mobo free of charge to accept the Xeon L5639 in there now. And of course, it was already out of the warranty period.
I've never has any issues with any of my Asus problems. Of course, I hope I never do...

pretty much anything i've ever sent into them they scream "physical damage not our responsibility" then offer to repair it for some absurd cost close to just buying a new one
EVGA has the absolute best customer service. This is why I can't buy AMD, because no AMD company can provide this level of service.

XFX has some pretty good CS. I'm an Nvidia fanboy, but XFX is actually pretty good, I bought a 6870 with the double lifetime from someone, registered it, but when they changed their site I had to reregister, but did not have a receipt, I told them my issue and after working with them a little bit they decided I would be able to RMA my product at any point in time if it were to ever fail. And it is starting to fail LOL I keep getting huge screen tears, looks like I will have to see if they can do the same as EVGA. Also yay for EVGA, I should have went with them again instead of Galaxy. I just miss the lifetime warranties...
I just decided for sure who I'm buying my pair of GTX 980s from in 5 days. Thanks for this.
EVGA costumer service has always been excellent for me. One of main reasons why I keep buying from them.
Im currently using AMD Cards, but when/if I go back to Nvidia based GPU's. I only buy EVGA's. Nothing else, even if I save $15-20 buying from some other manufacturer.
My EVGA X58 3way Sli board Has a lifetime warranty and I have no idea how they would handle that as I am still using it everyday with a Xeon x5660 at 4.2Gz..
I had purchased a lifetime warranty GTX 260 216-Core from EVGA when they came out. The 200 series, especially the high-core cards were known to have some issues and eventually mine did. They replaced it free of charge, paid the return shipping, and I had my new (refurbished) card in less than two weeks.

It eventually died again right around when Battlefield 3 came out. I RMA'd it again and they sent me back a GTX 460 1GB Superclocked card. I'm still running that card. Their customer service is simply top-notch!