got me a new BD burner

Verbatim is a rather trusted name. I would buy in small batches until you find what you like. I like the Optical Quantum ones, but they work better in some burners than others. You can sometimes get those as low as ~50 cents each on sale. In comparison, you are going to spend more than $2 or more each for the 50GB disks, if you buy in bulk. Unless you have a lot of money to spend you probably want to reserve those for special cases, as the price per GB rises quickly.
I've burned approximately 100 discs with the media below. Honestly don't know what people are crying about in the reviews; all I know is that I can burn at 6x all day long without issue and even burn at 10x just fine too. Am using a LG WH14NS40 burner.

FWIW here's what ImgBurn has to say about the media:
Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x
That thread seems to be full of people complaining about discs from nearly five years ago. I'd treat pretty much any writable optical media as suspect at that age; the only exception being M-Disc. If you're truly paranoid about longevity, get those; otherwise (IMHO) all writable media can be hit and miss.

FWIW I'm on my 3rd spindle of those discs which were all bought at different times through NewEgg over the last yeart; not a single coaster even when burning at 10x.