Got an FX8320..GPU or CPU?


Limp Gawd
Oct 11, 2007
Besides for that, and a ASUS sabertooth. I was thinking of using my 8800GTX as a dedicated.

My main card is a GTX 580.

I figure if anything it's worth a shot...only got two games really, Mafia II and Metro 2033, oh and UT3.

Or, should I use the CPU..seems like it could do just fine right?

Just wanna put it to use. (Not like I can't find another use for my 8800, but still)
I've never tried a 8800GTX as a PhysX card. I paired a GTX 570 with my 7950 and I use a FX-8120. My experience with Borderlands 2, which uses the old single threaded PhysX cpu engine, was not very good on the cpu. Now I know the 8320 is a nice upgrade from the 8120 so YMMV. I had to run PhysX on low.

Now when I used the GTX 570 as the dedicated PhysX card and the 7950 as the main card I could run PhysX on high. When I was in a full group I'd want to turn it down to medium as it got too ridiculous to determine friend from enemy from the effects. But it was a nice upgrade no doubt.

So for older PhysX games in your case I would either:
GTX 580 for main and PhysX
GTX 580 for main and 8800GTX for PhysX.

As far as newer 3.2 PhysX on the cpu titles, I'm in the alpha for Project Cars and the PhysX runs great on my FX-8120. No problems at all. But the game doesn't have the effects flying around like Borderlands 2 so it's still to be determined how it will be in the end. The newer PhysX engine is multithreaded and that is the reason why it works so much better than the older engine.
Mafia 2 can use GPU physx but it is my understanding that Metro 2033 is locked to CPU physx for the game and you can turn on gpu physx for the benchmark. ( I know stupid)

The only way to tell if the 8800 is worth it is to benchmark. I do not know if Mafia 2 has a good benchmark but batman AA/AC does.

The main physx games I am aware of is Mirrors Edge, Batman AA/AC, Alice 2, Borderlands 2, Planet Siege, Xcom
I guess I can try it out before I pop it into my HTPC, is the benchmark for batman free, or I have to own the game?

Or is 3D Mark 11 a good way to bench the PhyX?

And yes, that is stupid, tieing the game to CPU, but the bench for PhysX.

I've never actually knew these games had a bench, either that or I really don't pay attention to such things lol