Google Play Gift Cards - email edition


Fully [H]
Apr 15, 2005
Hey [H]orde,
Wanting to get some Google Play gift cards for a friend for Christmas this year, and have a question I hope someone can answer.

Both Target and Wal-Mart offer the option to buy them and have them delivered via email. I'm assumming that this will send them to my own email address.

Can I forward the email/gift card number I receive in email to my friend so he can use them under his account without the number being attached to my email address and rejecting him using them?

Target doesn't do the e-delivery. They just mail you a physical card. Wal-mart, I think, emails you some sort of activation URL that you can forward along, though the last couple of times I've tried to order a Google Play gift card from Amazon, the order fails and gets canceled, so no idea why that is.

Hope that helps somewhat.
Yep, that helps. Think I'll just go the old fashioned route and get a couple of the physical store bought ones, a card, and be done with it. Thanks!