Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Certified by FCC


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Mar 3, 2018
A design sketch for the successor to the enterprise version of Google Glass was leaked through the FTC, and Mysmartprice managed to spot it. While this more or less confirms an update, the FTC listing didn't list actual specifications for the product. While the consumer-oriented Google glasses were a flop, the enterprise version of the glasses appear to have been very successful, as the product's page lists numerous customers and applications.

When Google introduced the Glass Enterprise Edition last year, it introduced a few notable upgrades such as longer battery life, faster Wi-Fi speeds, improved performance, an 8MP resolution camera, and more. While no details are available currently, it is likely that the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 comes with a few similar upgrades. Battery life is expected to be further improved compared to the Glass Enterprise Edition, along with a higher resolution camera module. The Google Glass is a hands-free device that has been designed for hands-on workers. Google claims the Glass helps workers remain focused on high-value work as it removes distractions and they can activate the right application simply by saying 'OK Glass'. Google Glass can be used by workers to access training videos, quality assurance checklists, and seek expertise from coworkers in an instant. Workers can even invite others to see what they are seeing through a live video stream, enabling them to collaborate with others and troubleshoot any problems in real-time. Without the Glass, workers would usually need to leave their workstation or use another device to access the required information.
I would like cheap NVG / augmented reality glasses, i actually have a set of DIY NVG goggles, work like s charm but do require IR light to be used en mass, so for anyone with a similar kit or a real kit i will be like a beacon when i walk in the forest at night trying to find the wolves they say are living in Danish nature now.
What a great way to continuously keep your employees under video surveillance have them wear the camera.