Goodbye HardOCP


Jul 8, 2005
Well Kyle has made a [H]uge decision and decided to change direction a bit and join Intel. Not going to slam him or anything for it, obviously its a changing world and there's alot behind the choice but I've been following the [H] since the dial-up days when OCing was in its infancy and then the Celeron 300 to 450 came along (BH6 baby!). I'll miss the site but where does this leave us as a team? I've been forced to drastically reduce efforts lately (virtually no FAH, bare bones BOINC) but am hoping to bounce back soon. We need a plan ...
The primary issue we might face is the use of [H] as registered trademark and what a potential new owner thinks about its used on the net.

Second might be the team name itself as HardOCP will be not a very valid reference anymore. We could collect suggestion at a later stage and do make voting.

Else the team can continue to exists on this forum. If the ownership change makes that difficult down the timeline we can discuss to setup an own forum.

As a team we can continue to collaborate here and elsewhere. Don’t think we need to panic at this point in time.
I agree. From what I'm reading into things Kyle has said, these forums will not be changing much other than a few new admins and he will be staying as a forum admin as well. It will also still be [H]ardForum. He is also not "doing away" with [H]ardOCP but rather just mothballing it. I think, at my and others suggestion, is that he also looking at and considering keeping the main site alive just as an archive as the many of the reviews are and still will be relevant for quite some time. The hosting costs would dramatically decline once the news updates are ended and people realize the site has become static over a few months time.

HardOCP just goes back so long that it really is a legacy that I think will live on in some manner. Even some of the reviewers, editors, and others are thinking on ways of trying to keep things alive on the main site. At minimum the Front Page News forum section will likely be changed over to use contributed news.