Good Gaming Chair?


Jan 4, 2005
any good gaming chairs that are maybe $300-400 max? something that on sale?

right now I have VertaGear PL6000 I believe, but the seat started to rip.

Looking for a new recommendation.
I swear by my Secret Labs Titan EVO 2022 . I bet you could get deal with next year around the corner. I paid in the $450 to 500 range and I wish that i had not gone through 300 dollars worth of cheap chairs to figure things out "Cry once".
They are very well made and so balanced that you can fully recline (No foot rest on these) and fall asleep without it sliding out from under you. I am a 240 pound dude and the firm yet super comfortable ride is where it is at.
I use the Hermon Miller Aeron chair... only chair I'll ever sit on for extended periods of time.
Herman Miller is one of the best options!
I have Herman Miller at work and yes , I prefer it for work but the Titan is as good and better for gaming so, Secret labs for home office and play and Herman Miller at the office .
I'd agree with the responses you're already getting: the best gaming chair is a quality, ergonomic office chair.

I went through an Anda, a Noble and a few other "gaming" chairs. A few months back, I got a refurbished Steelcase Please that is heads and tails better than any of those, even besting my Herman Miller in the office.
I've been sporting one of these for years, but the big and tall variation. Hasn't broken down at all, extra wide, made of wood instead of plastic. Highly recommend.