Good Download Site for Linux


Sep 7, 2005
Ok so this is my goal...i want to find a good site that i can download Linux from that will allow me to run Cedega 4.4. I am brand new to Linux so i need a version that isn't going to blow my mind. I downloaded RedHat 9 and currently have it installed, but i can't get past the freaking login page...!?!

I've heard good things about Fedora Core 4 but not sure if Cedega 4.4 will work with it. I know Cedega has been tested on Fedora Core 3 and works fine. I could be totaly lost, but from what i have read, Cedega runs inside Linux? So i guess im looking for a site that won't give me a run around that i can download Fedora, or help with RedHat 9.
FC4 would probably be better than redhat 9 in this case since FC4 is so much newer. The official fedora website has the isos, and I believe they might even have torrents up if you want to go that route. And cedega should run fine on FC4. It's all linux.
wait, cant get past the login screen? As in you are denied access to your own box?

Did you forget to set (or forget) a root password or a normal user? Those factors will not improve your chances with another distro. Fedora/RH are friendly and good, ubuntu is gaining popularity, but I'm just a text-mode debian fan. I feel like I'm a dying breed here....