good cookie manager? Wasted 2 hours trying many extensions which suck. See description


Jun 7, 2011
Looking for a cookie manager, which will load a page with a list of current cookies with check boxes next to them, which I can then 'select all' and then tick off the ones I don't want to delete, and then just click something which deletes all of the rest. Right now, I have to go into chrome and delete each site's cookies separately or just delete them all, neither of which is a decent option. I don't keep a lot of cookies, but am currently at a friend's house, and his computer has 1863 cookies in chrome, and I'd like to help him clean that up. We'd like to keep a few which can be done with a whitelist, but we won't have that until we delete the 1850 that he doesn't want, and since they all have wacky names, it's hard to determine which are to be kept.