Good Blu-ray player/burner?


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Jul 26, 2005
This section looks a little slow.

For my PC. Recommend me a good Blu-ray burner/player. And what media is best?

There are LG drives available in the Microcenter bulk bin for $20-30 that work fine. Not like many people are doing a ton of burning these days, but they've served me well for burning and loading Windows ISOs. Never had an issue playing Blu-Ray movies either. You'll need a program to play them (like PowerDVD), so keep that in mind. There are some ways to watch them for free, but they're pretty clunky most of the time.

If you're looking for a UHD Blu-Ray drive, this is the only option as far as I know:
It's basically a lost cause unless you're on a low-level PC because you have to be using Intel graphics to watch UHD Blu-Ray movies.
Thanks. I know there are lots of reviews out there. [H] is a savvy crowd. Figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Not looking for anything fancy. Thought burner would be a nice bonus. Being on a 43" 16:10 720p plasma, don't bother with BD much but when they do come up I use an old PS3 which is a bit cumbersome. And I know the dreaded YLOD is coming soon. Planned on going to MC this weekend anyway. Will take a look.
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