[GoG] Daymare 1998 FREE till Jan 2, 2023

Pretty good freebie! I ended up snagging it as part of a Humble Bundle a while back. In case anyone hasn't heard of this one, it' s basically a love letter to Resident Evil.

Nice atmosphere, puzzles, and satisfying physics when you're popping zombos in the head from what I remember. The character faces are laughably bad from what I recall, and there were some minor issues with the cutscenes/dialog (i.e. the text on the screen doesn't always match up with what they said), but I found it humorous. You can tell they weren't working with a Capcom budget here. :) I put it down because of a frustrating boss fight, but it's worth trying to see if you like it. I plan on picking it back up and trying to finish it, maybe play through again at some point. I enjoyed most of my time with it.
Silly me, was going to say the graphic looks too modern for a 1998 game til I realized that's part of the title.......
Also, I hear Batman in the video.