Holy nutz next gen right here hope it's better than Lords of Fallen. That area looks like it was straight out of Rifts first major city.



It definitely has a new God of War vibe going on. I'll definitely snag the PC version if it's released roughly the same time as the PS5 version. If there are major delays, I'll likely just snag the console one.
Looks good but it looks like a clunk fest unless it plays like the Surge 2 which is clunky but still good.

Could be good looks like they are trying for that over the top vain look. This is basically the only next gen game showing itself. Change the sword swinging sounds it sounds like Darksiders.
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Not sure if it's all the same footage or more from the video Comixbooks posted, but this guy offers a bit of commentary as well. Mentions the gameplay is from 1 year ago so may have changed. Looks similar to Warframe to me and not at all like Diablo like the second commentor said.

It has a Darksiders/God of War vibe to me. The characters are bulky looking like the Gears characters are, but they move in a nimble way.
Unless they totally screw the pooch with the story/gameplay, this seems like a must-buy to me.
It looks graphically competent, but the arcade-y, button mashing gameplay doesn't grab me.
If publishers just put all exclusives on Epic and Steam have no reason to pick up a PS5.