Gigabyte z370n-wifi: replacing/removing the wifi module?

michel v

Nov 23, 2017

I am busy buying parts for an upcoming build.
The Dan A4-SFX case ships only in january, so in the process I had time to change my mind, and thus went from a Gigabyte z270n-wifi + i7 7700k to a Gigabyte z370n-wifi + i5 8600k.
Since my build is going to be a dualboot Windows/Hackintosh, I'll want to replace the wifi card (parts already ordered, no problem).

I noticed that on the z270n, the wifi module is just a standard card that uses a slot, and can be replaced by another model. Jolly good.
But on the z370n, the wifi module is behind a shield, next to the antennas. It doesn't look like a standard slot is used.

Can this module still be removed and replaced on the z370-wifi?
If not, can we have connect another wifi to the antennas?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Get a mobo without wifi and use a USB wifi adapter.

That's one solution, indeed. But I'd rather not make more purchases if possible.

Another solution: there are two M.2 slots on the board, so I could still plug my PCIe wifi card in one of those slots (and then add antennas).