Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme Unboxing

Does anyone have earn idea of eta on this, I want it because 10gbe onboard is way cheaper than add-in but I can’t find info anywhere on when I can get one.

Got threadripper money burning a hole in my pocket.
AWESOME looking motherboard, looking forward to the review in how it performs. Now that the 2950x is out, selecting a good newer version board is next.
Finally getting around to trying to break this one. (And I realized I posted this earlier in the wrong thread, so moving it.)

154388_IMG_20180905_192514.jpg 154389_IMG_20180905_192527.jpg 154390_IMG_20180905_192533.jpg 154391_IMG_20180905_192539.jpg 154392_IMG_20180905_192555.jpg 154393_IMG_20180905_192603.jpg 154394_IMG_20180905_193208.jpg 154395_IMG_20180905_193949.jpg 154396_IMG_20180905_194023.jpg 154397_IMG_20180905_194736.jpg 154398_IMG_20180905_194752.jpg
I have this board running stress tests with PBO and the 2990WX right now. It is pulling 890W at the wall.
This is fine, nothing to see here. I had to take it off the UPS because it kept tripping the alarm and shutting off power. Guess maybe a 900W UPS was not good for each test station.

4Ghz hand OC. This is fine...


Some guy also had stability issues with this 2x16gb ram, with another board.

Does anyone run their DDR4 RAM without using XMP but rather manual timings and voltages, e.g. maybe use 1.4v? I've read that sometimes helps stability. This is the cheapest 3200 Mhz RAM out there, and even 2933 G.Skill is way more expensive, at least in the 16gb module variety.
XMP is actually intel's spec, AMP is amd's. so yes XMP does not always work right with amd so manually setting the timings to the XMP values will usually help. a little extra voltage can also help stabilize it too.