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May 18, 1997
GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Gaming 7 TR4 Motherboard Review

We review GIGABYTE’s X399 Aorus Gaming 7 and see how it stacks up in the world of HEDT motherboards. This motherboard is not priced all that high considering the amount of features it touts and certainly it is not priced high for the stability we were afforded while overclocking the Threadripper to 4GHz.
Great review! Some reviews are like reading technical manuals, while accurate the information does not penetrate the skull well. This review dove right in and flowed well and I got a very good feel for what this board brings to the party. Laughed a few times as well, Vegas strip, Romulan Bird . . . In short a great read!

I hope to see, when ever one can be obtained from the gods an 8700K system - 7700K actually looked like last decade technology performance.

3 Way raid and what that can do for this level I do not think has been investigated by anyone - some of the results look astonishing from users but how can it be useful, what applications benefit would be very interesting. Probably a separate discourse and report to get a handle on that option would be really needed. While this board looks to have only 2 M.2 slots, those PCIE slots can be put to good use.

I've have had great results with Gigabyte over the years. I also like their Easytune software better than ASUS Suite III in that you can load what you want and not have to load a huge bloatware utility where you only use a few things. Also I've have had just bad luck with ASUS software period and it has left a bad foul taste.
Looks like this discussion maybe should be in the AMD CPU section as a note.
I have been pondering a gigabyte Aorus board some time now, but have had issues with Gigabyte before, that said they have very aesthetically good boards even down the tiers.
Nice review! I like reading about Threadripper stuff but I'll never buy one because I can't justify the cost lol!
Do you guys review ASrock boards? I don't think I've ever seen a review of their B350, X370, or X399 boards on your site.
I've heard that the their X370/B350 boards were pretty solid from that start when Ryzen first came out (less random issues, unlike Asus, ie CH6).
haha i saw Gigabyte linking this across all of their facebook pages the otherday, nice write up.
I've been running this board for about a month now with 0 stability issues at 4GHz 1.275v 1950x. Set it and forget it after dealing with the intel wifi BSOD.

I'm using an h115i, and it works well with temps under 70c load typical.
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Please put at least MSRP in the features table... lot of discussion around price and only current Newegg price given in last paragraph. MSRP is quite useful to know, especially for us overseas.
No. Price is ALWAYS linked on the conclusion page. Those prices change constantly and I don't need 20 people mailing me a day for the next year telling me the price on the table is wrong.
Sorry for the late chime-in

I recently got my hands on this motherboard and a TR-1900x. For memory I will be using 4 sticks (2 dual channel pairs) of older Corsair CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 "Intel" memory which is currently in my i7-6700K/Z270 Intel system. They are a hair different spec-wise from Kyle's similar specs though 32GB capacity per set and are listed in Gigabyte's compatibility memory QVL sheet but only for 4 dimms max :( That's OK though. I doubt I will need more than 64GB for anything I will do even with 8-16 cores. I am interested in this setup because I do have 3x M.2 drives to pop in as well as a lot of USB stuff plugged in. I will also be putting in an old Intel gigabit adapter as well since my VPN client makes use of as many network connections as I can give it. I really love having those 64 PCIe lanes available!!!

The cooler, at least to begin with, will be my current Corsair H115i + the provided Asetek bracket (I know about the lack of flatness of those waterblocks - thanks for the heads up on that btw).

I'll see how this goes.

Also - in the article it was said that there was no extra M.2 hardware provided. The picture in the article shows the extra hardware posts that came with the board (top right corner of the accessories photo), Gigabyte does mention them in their documentation and I have them with mine. ;)

Once upgraded and running smooth I'll update my sig to the new specs.

---------- updated ---------

Put my TR system together today. it was pretty painless. It came with the F2 bios so I immediately updated to the F3g bios as soon as I could get it to boot and copy the new bios file to a flash drive.

The Corsair Vengeance CMK32GX4M2B3200C16 "Intel" memory is working pretty good. Even better in XMP mode than it did in my older Intel rig. Just need to remember to install the sticks into the "x2" slots (those farthest away from the socket for each channel). I suspect there may be memory channel termination issues if you pop them into the "x1" slots.

I haven't gone so far as to overclock the thing. My cooler is one of the Corsairs with an Asetek block. A quick check with a razor edge showed a tiny amount of convex shape, but not too bad. It is staying reasonably cool until I can get something with a better TR-sized mating surface.

Boot up and shut down times are longer. I suspect with all the core initializing the OS has to do, There Is a couple other quirks I am trying to clean up as well, but on the whole one of the more positive system builds I have done.
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