Gigabyte G1 Gamings Z97X Gaming 7 - thoughts?

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Jan 27, 2003
A friend of mine and I just bought an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard that is DOA (boot code D0 or 00, not good). We were rather disappointed as our whole weekend was centered around building/testing this computer.

We ended up ordering a new Gigabyte G1 Gamings Z97X Gaming 7 motherboard and have a pending Newegg return for the MSI board for a full refund. I haven't encountered a dead motherboard yet, first time for everything I suppose! Based on reviews this appears to happen to a lot of people with this board; looks like I my pre-buy research failed.

Any success/failure comments about the Gigabyte board ([H] gave it a Silver rating in their review previously) ? I am still running a Gigabyte X58 board so they have served me pretty well in the past.

Thanks for the comments! (and yes I realized we already ordered so if you give us major red flag advice then we're SOL)

Not open for further replies.