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Aug 15, 2005
Successfully funded on Indiegogo, Ghost of A Tale is now in Beta for backers who funded the game. And will soon be available on Steam, Early Access. The final game is projected to be finished in 2016, for PC. An Xbox One port will follow. Microsoft donated an Xbone dev kit and waived any fees to publish on Xbox Live. Publically, there have been solid indications of a PS4 port. However, the details are not yet public. I wonder if there will be some exclusive VR features or something???

Seith, the creator, has asked that screenshots and footage be kept to a minimum. So, this is simply a little peek at the first minutes of the beta build.
The game is running in Unity 5.

This is pretty much scratching the itch for the Redwall video game I always wanted.

(this video was still uploading, at the time I posted this)

I forgot to take my computer out of power saving mode, so the framerate is a little lower than it would/should be. But the code is very clean and the frametimes are very smooth. So mooth, that I enjoyably played this at 20fps when I tried it on my Ivy Bridge i5 laptop, with HD4000 graphics.

here is a screenshot from that HD4000 experience:

there currently are not many options to tweak the graphics settings. and they seem to have zero affect on performance, beside resolution. I'm sure with some tweaking, the framerate could be improved with minimal impact to visuals. removing shadows and whatnot.

Ghost of a Tale
Ghost of a Tale on Steam
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I have been following his blog for quite some time, and watching it come along has been exciting! I missed the opportunity to back him, but I'm definitely going to purchase it as soon as it is able to be!
The game is beautiful so far. The creator, Seith, has worked on a few CG feature films. His ability for art direction, shows strongly. It runs quite well. It just needs some functioning settings to tweak, for low end GPUs.