Getting Nimble SANs at 2 different locations, any tips or advice

Hybrid or all flash?

Nimble's pretty easy to maintain but you'll want to do some planning on how you want to carve up volumes based on the VM's you'll put on them. Nimble has you choose a block size when you create a volume and certain block sizes are optimized for SQL, Exchange, general purpose VMs, etc. So you'll want an Exchange datastore, SQL datastores, and so on.

Also don't forget to checkmark that the volumes will be presented to a cluster if you are doing so or your volume randomly drop to the cluster hosts.

Check with Nimble on what % full you can fill the box before performance loss begins to occur and make sure you stay below it.

If you're all flash and have a lot of spare CPU power talk to your Nimble rep about whether or not you should turn on global dedup so your deduplication domain is across all your volumes not just inside each volume.
Thanks, it's the hybrid versions. I'm looking forward to using it, heard it's spectacular and I hope HP doesn't start cutting corners on it. The all software and features really sold me on it even though it's like 100kish for them, I feel that's better than trying to figure out what licenses do for each VMware and MS product, nickel and diming me.