[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Not sure how accurate this guy is nor why he posted it over at Collatz but...

I am on a lot of projects like you see.
I found a tip to increase (a little) Credits
Only about one project : Gerasim.
I run several project at the same time.
So Gerasim, also crunch. But and here is the differece :
If I only crunch Gerasim ; one WU take take one second (credit 0.5)
If a other project runs, Gerasime take 2 seconds to run (credit 0.7) !!!
So when I have time, I download the max WU. stop crunching other and all my WU runs very fast.
Gain : about 50% more credits. Of course such credits........
But it works, is only normal use and take a lot of time. As retired person, I have enough time !
Of course, if i stop a project, nothing crunch. But I developped a exell sheet who make all calculation : project/running time / credits, cumulated /min and by day.
Thios for all my host.
All is visible !!!
For the one interrested about my exell, send a private message with your mail. I will send the sheet. I have nothing to hide