Gears (of War) Tactics - PC only TBS

Looks like an XCOM-style tactical strategy game. What they showed actually reminded me of Dawn of War II. I can dig it, either way.
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Anybody playing this yet? I'm still trying to get Gamepass to fully download it without it resetting or telling me to join Gamepass, considering just buying the Steam version as I'd love me some turn based strategy right now.
Started it last night via XB game pass for PC. Running great at 4K on a Ryzen 3600/2080super.

I’m only an hour or so in and enjoying it. Huge fan of turn based tactics games 👍
This is really enjoyable. Graphics are top notch as they obviously just ripped everything from Gears 5. It's far more action oriented compared to the newer XCOM style games. It's not quite as sophisticated and there isn't as much going on between the missions, but it's still very enjoyable and has a more concise storyline it follows.
If you've never played any Gears of War before, would you be lost trying to follow the story of this game?
This game takes place at basically the start of the storyline but from a different perspective. You wouldn't be missing out on anything.
If you've never played any Gears of War before, would you be lost trying to follow the story of this game?

I played all of them and frankly the storey is a convoluted mess and nothing to write home about. The games are a blast though.

Four was also my favorite and imho the best Gears game, which likely means I'm not a gears fan based on their opinions.
Just started playing this last night and so far it seems fun, man is it GPU intensive though. Playing at 1440p on my GTX 1080 and my gpu is pegged at 100% usage all the time and only pulls 80-90fps, honestly way more demanding than I expected.
I am two missions into this and so far I am pretty impressed. Great graphics and tactical depth which seems comparable to the XCom's, but with a linear narrative and no base management (yet).
Yeah, I had a good time with this title. Can't say I remember much about the story, but the gameplay was well done.
Recently finished Gear Tactics, took me just over 40 hours. Highly recommended if you are into TBS games even if you are not familiar with the GoW universe. Had some challenging missions on the second hardest difficulty, decent plot which was consistent with the stories from GoW 4 and 5 and useful upgrade trees which made a noticeable impact on play style. My only complaint is that the side missions became too samey and repetitive towards the end.
A scout with grenade cooldown upgrades and a sniper or two is a lot of fun. Grenades every turn and extra action points on kills from the sniper.
Played through this entire game a few years ago and thought it was great. Highly recommended it you enjoy Turn-based games.