Gaming build november 2019


Aug 18, 2011
Hi. I want to know your opinion about this system: . It will be used for gaming, browsing, some programming stuff, torrents. I want a silent system, to keep for about 4 years. The case is limited by the size of my office. I will use also an existent SSD Samsung 860 Evo Plus 1 TB. I don't have money for the monitor now, I will use my actual monitor Dell 1080P 60Hz for about another year. The maximum disponible cash is 2000 Euro and the system will be buyed this Black Friday (in two months).
Thanks for advice.
CPU: The i9-9900's hyperthreading doesn't really get you much for gaming. I'd consider the i7-9700k instead, which is cheaper and will also let you overclock.

GPU: the RTX-2070 seems like a lot for a 1080p display (unless maybe benchmarks for the games you're playing somehow state otherwise). Maybe consider the 2060 instead. If you're expecting to upgrade to a 1440p display then it's probably closer to about right. If going 4k then it's probably not enough.

PSU: Something in the 5-600 W range would be plenty.

SSD: NVMe is overrated vs SATA in real-world usage. Unless you need the additional space, consider forgoing an NVMe SSD and stick with the carry-over Evo 860.
You may want a dedicated NVMe for the OS and separate SSD for gaming if you can swing it. Also you may be able to find a Windows 10 deal in the For Sale/Trade section.
I buyed already the rig, but with I7 9700KF and a Gigabyte 2080 Super OC, too much time for wait the Black Friday. :) The next year I will buy a 144 Ghz monitor with G-Sync. I have 2 SSD in the system, 1 for the operation system (NvMe Adata 512 GB) and the second for another stuff and games, Samsung 860 QVO Sata 3. Thank for advices.
Good call saving money on the processor, and super props to you for not riding the RGB train.